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Referring to the mission and vision of our company, we always attempt to provide the modest education with moral and academic excellence, in view of the global development, deliberating the international education as a propitious opportunity for our students towards their future. Such international education contributes directly to helping students graduate with the desirable competence locally and globally, by relying on self-learning and research, through using the latest educational strategies and advanced technologies and apace with the information and communicational revolution.

This precise system, with its modern vision that emphasizes on application rather than theoretical education focuses on building the learner's character, by enriching their leadership skills, self-exploration, and self-development of their interests, in order to achieve the best quantitative and qualitative outcome. This all occurs under the supervision of a unique, trained, and qualified administrative potentials, who consistently work together with a team spirit on managing this system.

Our belief in the importance of societal partnership and its constructive role in the integration of the educational system made us strongly form many partnerships through which we can exchange experiences and interests towards achieving lofty goals, for the development of the international education system, preserving our religious and Arab identity, keeping pace with the requirements of accelerating changes in the era of openness and sustainable development.

Dr. Abdulrahman bin Saad Alhaqbani

Chairman of the Board of Directors Almotaqadimah Schools Company

Our Message to the Parents:

Al-Mutawiroon - American Diploma is seeking the best educational services in an innovative Learning environment with a caring, adaptable approach to student well-being. Our Section is dedicated to success and achievement for all students. The American Diploma program is designed to prepare our learners of all ages to 21st century for a glittering and bright future through academic excellence and collaboration with stakeholders. We will strive for the best to be provided for your children, not only a first-rate education, preparing him /her for prestigious colleges and successful careers, but also a well-built personality and a sense of responsibility for the best of the Kingdom.

We welcome and value parent effective and collaborative participation to ensure the accomplishment of our goals in the role we have in our community.



Academic Principal