Goals and Objectives

18 ذو الحجة، 1442 08:50 ص

Our Goals

Education supports people throughout their lives. It plays a huge part in developing their mental resilience and personal wellbeing. It equips people with the ability to adapt, to work with others, to think critically and to be creative. It gives people the skills and knowledge to fulfil their personal goals.

Our goals are summarized in five high level goals:

  1. Introduce and modify our goals as measured using the Common Core State Standards.
  2. Improve student performance with mathematics skills, concepts, and problem solving as articulated in the Common Core State Standards.
  3. Prepare teachers with the knowledge and resources necessary to implement a science curriculum aligned with the Science Standards.
  4. Develop the skills and attributes associated with higher order thinking as well as perseverance and independence as learners.
  5. Improve reading and writing performance as measured using standards from the Common Core of State Standards.

In our pursuit of meeting our students' educational needs and aspiration, these goals are set to help our students find their path through:

  •   Providing an innovative environment that is motivating to a better education, accompanied with many developmental opportunities for our students; to develop their learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom.
  • National characteristics, Islamic principles and self-respect ethics are highly promoted in cooperation with parents, and the local community.
  • Communication among stakeholders is fundamental to effectively achieve our goals and improve school management.
  • . Providing the highest quality of international standards, and promoting a sense of appreciation of different traditions and values, including the Arab language and culture.
  • Academic and educational excellence is sought through differentiated strategies, providing the highest academic, physical, social and cultural standards to ensure students' growth and development.
  • Our curriculum is internationally accredited with full technological support to ensure the success of our learners to cope with the new vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Objectives and Outcomes

  • Reflecting on our level goals, we have identified key ambitions for the coming years, which will represent important milestones of progress.
  •  Significantly reducing the gap with the Common Core State Standards in areas of reading proficiency, Math and science
  • Significantly reducing the gap between low achieving students and high achievers in literacy and numeracy.
  • Increasing the take up of gateway subjects: English, Math, and Science ; and increasing opportunities for learning in the areas of Social  and computer science
  • Enriching teaching and learning with new curricula, new assessment methods, and technology assisted learning.
  • Promoting wellbeing in our school communities to support success in school and life
  • Systematically reducing the skills gap in areas of critical skill need in Higher Education by providing skilling and reskilling places
  • Increasing up skilling and reskilling opportunities in education and training for teachers.