American Diploma Admission

18 ذو الحجة، 1442 08:34 ص

American Diploma Admission :

  • Al-Mutawiroon   - AMERICAN DIPLOMA endeavors to accept all students, regardless of any disability of which it is aware. In assessing any student or prospective pupil, the school may take such advice and require such assessments as considered appropriate. This is to ensure that the School can provide the right environment for the child’s academic and pastoral needs. The life of the School is enhanced by inclusive policies but equal importance must be given to ensuring that no pupil’s education is impaired.
  • We consider all children for admission to the school who have the ability and aptitude to access an academic curriculum. Students whose academic levels are suited to the curriculum are welcome if we have the appropriate resources and facilities to offer them the support they require.
  • Subject to this, the School will be sensitive to any requests for confidentiality.
  • The School will arrange special early admissions meetings with parents of disabled prospective pupils to discuss special arrangements.
  • Before a place is offered at the School (and preferably prior to application):
  • Parents must disclose to the School any known or suspected circumstances relating to their child’s health, development, allergies, disabilities and learning difficulties. The School reserves the right to subsequently withdraw any place offered based on incomplete disclosure of known or suspected SEND circumstances.
  • Based on such disclosure, the School will confirm whether or not it is able to fully meet the needs of the child.
  • Where a child’s academic level is identified, or develops, after the child has started at the School, we will endeavor to continue support the child as long as we have the appropriate resources and facilities to provide them with the support they require, we believe it is in the best interest of the child and of the School community for them to remain at the AMERICAN DIPLOMA
  • Where, in our judgment, any of these conditions no longer apply, we reserve the right to withdraw a place at the School. In such circumstances, we will use our reasonable endeavors to support parents in finding alternative arrangements.
  • We provide a range of opportunities for children to engage in speaking and listening activities in English with peers and adults. We also allow the children to perform and be assessed on tasks in their own language especially in areas such as Math. Differentiation of texts and materials that suit the child’s age is used to encourage learning. Support is also provided through CCSS and audio materials.
  • Al-Mutawiroon   - AMERICAN DIPLOMA will look to train or find courses for the teachers to attend in order to help with the inclusion of any child in the School. The training will be either internal or external depending on the needs of the child.
  • We also work with the National Section to ensure individual Support Staff are provided for those that require it.