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Pearson Realize

The main platform for teachers and parents that supports the distance learning education through providing several online resources, activities and exercises. Students can log in easily to check and use the online resources. Its evaluation tool helps the teachers to evaluate and asses students’ work.


is an educational technology communication app and website It connects school teachers, students and families through communication features, such as a feed for photos and videos from online resources and messaging that can be translated into more than 35 languages and has been used in 180 countries. It also enables teachers to note feedback on students' skills and creates a portfolio for students, so that families can be aware of school activities outside of meeting with teachers.


The Faithful Teacher program

The idea of this project stems from the vision of the schools of developers to invite the teacher to his main role, which is that he is an educator for the learners, directed to the capabilities, a healer of problems and a detonator of energies and interests. Every great education is a faithful teacher. The project aims to strengthen the relationship between the home and school on the one hand, and between the teacher and the learner on the other hand.


Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM):

Is a method teachers use to find out how students are progressing in basic academic as such as math, reading, writing, and spelling. CBM can be helpful to parents because it provides current, week-by-week information on the progress their children are making.

Show and tell

Show and tell is the practice of showing something to an audience and telling them about it. In the United Kingdom, North America, New Zealand and Australia, it is a common classroom activity at early elementary school. It is used to teach young children the skills of public speaking. For example, a child will bring an item from home and will explain to the class why they chose that particular item, where they got it, and other relevant information.

Show and tell, or show and share, is usually the first opportunity young children have to stand up in front of a small group and speak. Whether this opportunity starts when they are in kindergarten or once they start primary school, it is a wonderful introduction to public speaking as they are often given the option of speaking about a topic they know well and are interested in. Speaking about something you love always makes you love it even more!

We strongly recommend that you help your child prepare a show and tell, remember the positive impact it can have on his or her confidence and communication skills!

Learning Management System (LMS)

A learning management system (LMS), provided from McGraw Hill, is a software application or Web-based technology used to plan, implement, and assess a specific learning process. Typically, a learning management system provides an instructor with a way to create and deliver content, monitor student participation, and assess student performance. McGraw-Hill's "Connect" is a web-based assignment and assessment platform that helps the teachers connect the students to their coursework and to success beyond.


Classera goes beyond a traditional LMS by providing an integrated solution that disrupts the traditional learning and training ways and introduces an effective learning environment based on motivation, engagement and continuous communication between all parties included in the educational process to ensure achieving high quality output from the educational/training process. Classera serves more than 22 different user roles covering all stakeholders associated with the educational or training process; empowering those users with more than 25 different modules/systems seamlessly integrated into one user friendly turn-key solution that serves all parties of the educational process.


Nour Al Bayan program

 An educational program that means teaching reading and writing through spelling 1500 words of The Holy Qur’an with high quality, proficiency and distinction. It is realized and focused on children from four years to nine years old.


AdvancED Quality and Accreditation

(Cognia): The school accreditation is to be followed up and updated throughout the academic years. The school program should be adjusted according to an improvement plan settled by the accreditation team to be able to maintain the educational process as per the Quality Control recommendations.

Since the accreditation is the most credible form of quality assurance between the relevant parties, in developing standards or self-study and external evaluation including external auditors and review of accreditation documents by specialists are all quality assurance tools. As a result, pieces of evidence and documentation are gathered and filed to be able to demonstrate whenever needed.


Literacy Planet

It is a comprehensive online learning tool that en English literacy learning fun. Literacy Planet offers thous been developed by our in-house educators that are aligned to a standards. This makes it the perfect, comprehensive online res extend the work students are covering in class.


Literacy Planet offers:

    • Student-Guided Learning:
    • Students self-direct their learning.
    • Move ahead at their own pace.
    • Follow your learning pathway curriculum sequentially.
    • Cover all key literacy concepts.
    • Earning points to build their characters.
    • Report cards produced for all their work.



The eProve TM Effective Learning Environments Observation Tool® (eleot®) is a learner-centric classroom observation tool that comprises 28 items organized in seven environments aligned with the AdvancED Standards and Indicators and based on a review of widely used observation instruments and the most current research.


Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) is a method that teachers use to estimate the students' academic progression. Our students are tested briefly two times per semester to make sure that they make adequate progress toward meeting the academic goals.